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A little bit about the coffee we serve….and the people behind the roasting!


A little bit about the coffee we serve….and the people behind the roasting!

Alexandra Monney

It all starts with the bean, where it is grown, how it is picked, the altitude, how it is processed and then ultimately how it is roasted. There are so many elements that go into an excellent cup of coffee and so many factors that can change it.

At SYDNEY CAFE We give our all into making sure that every shot is pulled to perfection (even though sometimes challenging in the outdoor elements)

 We however leave the roasting of our beans to the pros…we are so lucky to be working with VERTICAL COFFEE ROASTERS (recently re-branded from Gipfelstuermer Kaffee) a two woman team Simone and Denise who have been roasting coffee for years.  The coffee they provide is changing up the Swiss customers idea of how coffee should taste.  Clean, fruity and creamy coffee is the result of a lighter roast.

Roasting occurs every Monday day using their Diedrich IR12 and they roast both for filter and espresso. They have a range of single origins on offer from both African and South American countries which we sell in the truck or can be purchased from:

At the moment in the truck we are serving Colombia La Chorrera - an espresso roast with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, dark stone fruit, a hint of dandelion, mellow acidity and smooth body.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with a team who are also on a mission. A mission to get people thinking about coffee in a different way…the work behind the production, harvest and roasting needs to be recognised and appreciated to the same level that people comprehend wine.

Recently a huge honour for Vertical Coffee ---The Swiss Barista champion of 2017 André Eiermann took first prize using Vertical Coffee roaster’s Chelelektu from Ethiopia. Such awesome news! We couldn't be happier for them, keep up the nice work girls!  

Intrigued? Come and try a cup… SYDNEY CAFE